Heheheheh she’s silly

Hey, I know I made the same mistake, yeah. I won’t do it again.

She wasn’t very hard to capture, but she was rather hard to hold

Adventuring in new places!
Blinding sunshine. Aw I love her so.

I feel like a sea lion today

Yay lunch outside! The smoothies I make always look repulsive hahaha I lurv it
We tried so hard to dodge this all night but this one photographer man was extra stealthy…
Yaaaay pretty bellybudden jewlery!
The mini hookah!

I came upstairs from playing in the basement, and started walking up the stairs to the up-upstairs, and Leo (who was waiting patiently on the couch) sees me, gets up and dashes up the stairs to my room as fast as possible and starts pacing around purring wanting to be petted.  This adorable stuff she does means so much to me because if you met her, you wouldn’t believe she’d do that.  She’s not like that with anyone, and wasn’t even like that with me very often until she finally fell for me like I did for her. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Our love is perfect to us.  

Got a bit carried away during playtime…
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